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High Frequency Capacitor
Buy from us premium quality High Frequency Capacitor that are designed for the communication and networking systems for their safe and controlled working. Top quality ceramic is used for the fabrication of these components that make them suitable for outdoor conditions.
Ferrite Rod
Ferrite Rod are industrial grade components that are widely used in various manufacturing industries to improve the efficiency of welding processes. These cylindrical elements are available in various different lengths and diameters as per customer demands.
Water Cooled Power RF Capacitor
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of best in class Water Cooled Power RF Capacitor that can be used in various small to large sized circuits. The circuit elements of these devices are enclosed in a sturdy casing which ensures excellent protection.
Triode Valve
We are offering premium grade Triode Valve that are designed and developed by our team of highly skilled professionals by using best in class semi-conductor materials. Buyers can get these electronic devices from us in large quantities at a low price.
Glass Fibre Tube
Our company deals in the manufacturing and supplying of best in class Glass Fibre Tube that can be used in various industrial applications. These tubes are highly popular due to their higher strength to weight ratio which results in longer life.
Rectifier Diode
Rectifier Diode are highly active semiconductor devices that are used in electrical circuits for the conversion of alternating waveform voltages into direct form. These components are fabricated with high precision and accuracy which results in higher efficiency of the system.
Work Coil
Work Coil are compact and sturdy devices that are mainly used in various applications where there is an interaction in between the electric currents and magnetic fields. Buy from us this component in bulk with a supply ability of 10000 pieces per month.
Solid State Welder
Buy this solid state welder to join workpieces in solid state without applying external heat. No filler material is used in the process and all materials that are heat sensitive can be joined by this welder.